Therapy for the whole you

Natural For You
Holistic therapy for the whole you offers natural, safe, effective solutions for optimal health.

Holistic therapy is a term that includes many areas of health improvement which affect the individual as a whole (mind, body and spirit)*.

You may be more familiar with the terms complimentary or alternative therapy.

This may be a new thought but decades ago the use of holistic therapy was hardly considered. Why?
People essentially practiced holistic therapy on a daily basis. Clean water, fresh food without chemical additives, plenty of fresh air and exercise, were just a way of life. 

However time passed and our world under went a dramatic change.
The air we breathe is more polluted. The water we drink needed chemicals to keep it safe. Our food supply has become chemically altered. Automobiles, desk jobs, television, and computers (yes I know you're reading this on your computer) led to decreased exercise. 

Many of us now have an awareness that our lifestyle isn't healthy. We look for ways to improve our lifestyle and that is what this site is dedicated to.

There are so many options of holistic therapy involving the body specifically such as Herbal therapy, massage, biological dentistry, homeopathy, reflexology, aqua-chi detoxify foot bath, acupuncture, and chiropractics.

There are types of holistic therapy to address the mind and spirit. They include aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, music, color therapy, healing codes, color therapy, Resonance Repatterning®, and journaling.
I am not a licensed therapist, however there is much value utilizing the skills of those trained to address the mind body connection.